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About the network of Private Mailbox Rental providers

Renting a PO Box
Private Mailbox

Unlike a PO Box from the United State Postal Service (USPS), a private mailbox rented from a trusted and vetted partner of gives you the ability to receive mail and packages from all carriers.  Whereas a PO Box from a USPS Post Office does not permit any packages or mail from UPS and most shipments from FedEx.


Renting a real business street address to register your business and use on busniess cards and websites gives your brand a professional look and feel versus a residential address or an address at which you need to write "P.O. Box 9,998".

Plus, at every Colorado Springs Mailbox Rental location you'll enjoy friendly, concierge-like service that comes along with renting a private mailbox one of our vetted and networked locations.


Renting a private mailbox is a secure, consitent, and efficient way to receive your mail and packages short of having a private doorman. Small office and home office business operators have used private mailboxes for decades to help manage their business and establish real commercial street address.


Private citizens enjoy the safety, security, and consistency of renting a mailbox for secure package pickup and to avoid amazon package porch piracy

"FedEx and UPS can't deliver to PO boxes because the USPS won't let them. It's as simple as that, or at least, it was that simple for many years."

Private Mailbox Vs a PO Box.png

"Generally speaking, FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes for addresses that are located within the US. In fact, if you do try and select a PO Box as a destination for your package, you will probably get a warning pop up that suggests that you cannot use that address." 

-US Global Mail

"The other great perk of is that we can use it for vehicle registration.  When doing full-time vanlife, you still need an address to register your vehicle, and get insurance.  And PO boxes just don’t cut it."

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